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Reserve Men's Gathering in Spain

Book your place on the men's gathering at the Dome Retreat Center organised by the Elders of the Mankind Project. 4 nights and 3½



Alma de Tierra by Las Voces de Gaia, Women's Ensemble

Alma de Tierra (Soul of Earth)

Women's Voices  singing for Peace and for Mother Earth. Songs, Mantras and original chants by these 8 talented women




A SINGLE Rose Quartz ball to add to your Tuning Fork

We recommend a strong bonding glue (2 tubes that mix together)




Single Clear Quartz ball to add to your Tuning Fork

A strong bonding glue is recommended (2 tubes to mix together)


NEW PRODUCT! OM-QUARTZ 136.10 Hz Tuners! Quartz Ball on the end of your Tuning Forks

Om-Quartz Ball Tuner 136.10Hz

The NEW Quartz balls from HarmonicSounds can be added to any fork, although the OM 136.10Hz is STANDARD.

The new Quartz and Rose Quartz Balls for Tuning forks are of the highest quality and purity quartz.


Apply the forks to the Face for facial massage and reflexology, wrinkle reduction and more!


Concert Monochord 3-in-1with Tampura and Koto

Monochord 46GK Concert Kotamo
Monochord Concert ModelMonochord Side view

WOOD: Cherry and Ash                 Size: 134 x 30 x 10 cm
The NEW Concert Monochord from Feeltone is a much improved version, with excellent Sound, increased volume, and clarity of Overtones. The Tampura is excellent, with an improved bridge and extra space between strings like an original gourd-tampura. The Koto has been reduced from 13 to 11 strings, to give the Tampura more space.
There is a "Tuning Bead" on every string, for Fine Tuning. Just a tiny movement of the pearl can adjust the tuning without need of the Tuning Key.


Sounding the Subtle Bodies: Music for the Chakras, Chakra Toning Exercise and more...

Sounds for the Chakras

7 Pieces of Music for the Chakras of approximately 3.5 minutes,

followed by Intoning the Chakras with Vowel Sounds-

intone with Michele the sounds to balance, harmonise and clean your chakras. 

The last 2 Tracks are 15 min Earth Meditation- Didgeridoo and Deep Voice chanting,

and 15 min Cosmic Meditation, Overtone singing, monochord and more....


13 STEPS to Free your Healing Voice (includes CD)

13 Steps to Free your Healing Voice COVER


What renowned authors have said about this book:


Overtone Chant - The Practical Guide BOOK: CD DOWNLOAD - PDF + MP3

Overtone Guide PDF+MP3

THIS DOWNLOAD includes the text of the book in 6 languages, in 6 separate PDF files. English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch and Swedish. Coming soon: Russian, Japanese, Chinese...

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