CD Nad Sundaram - Beautiful Sound (2006)

CD Nad Sundaram - Beautiful Sound (2006)

Michèle Averard, Nestor Kornblum, Carlos Pons and guests

This title comes from “Nada” which in Sanskrit means Universal or Sacred Sound, and “Sundara” which means beautiful. This CD weaves together ancient and sacred elements and instruments from many cultures, with modern acoustic and electronic beats. The intention is to offer the listener a truly inspiring, Sacred Music experience, one that is also enjoyable, healing, relaxing and refreshing. It is a unique recording in that it blends vocal harmonics (overtones) with the instruments in original ways. The music can be used to enhance processes in workshops and healing sessions, or simply to enrich one’s day to day experience of life. Each piece has been created with clear intention and minute attention to detail. This CD celebrates all that is beautiful in life: love, peace, harmony, compassion, joy and even a hint of sadness…which highlights this beauty and helps us to appreciate it more profoundly.
Each of the 7 tracks on this CD corresponds and resonates in one or more of the 7 main energy centres or “Chakras” located along the spine in the areas of the principal glands of the body. The music can thus be used to harmonise, balance and enhance the free-flow of energy in these centres.

Guests: Oscar Jareño, Lynn Dobson, Gayle Groovin, Jose Manuel Diaz, Ed & Deb Shapiro (Swami Brahmananda and Deva Shakti), Naomi Naides Averard, Jaume Guerra, Francisco Soler, Sonsoles Hernandez

Intruments: Sarod, Tampura, Sitar, Flute, Voice, Overtone Chant (vocal harmonics) - Styles: Western, Tibetan “Deep Voice” and Tuvan “Kargyraa”, Flamenco Guitar, Violin, Cello, Koto, Djembe, Tabla, Udu, Didgeridoo, Monochord, Pandero  (Frame Drum), Bass, Electronic beats and sampled sounds

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Price: €16,00