Mayan Code- Fibonacci Tuners 20:13 Aᵇ, E (2 forks) only from HarmonicSounds

Mayan Code Tuners
Mayan Code Tuners

Resonate with your Soul Purpose and Empower Your Affirmations

Harmonise with the New Energies and New Paradigm by Attuning to Natural Time

This set of 2 tuning forks produces the 20:13 ratio which aligns one’s frequencies with the 260 “Ways of Being” or “Soul Purposes” embodied in the Sacred Mayan Calendar or “Tzolkin”. The 13 Tones or Lunar Aspects coincide sequentially with the 20 Seals or Solar aspects to create an Holographic Template for understanding the Key to 4th Dimensional Time, by reaffirming the ever-present Now. The resulting Musical Interval created by these forks is the Minor Sixth* a sweet sounding and significant interval (see below)


*The Minor Sixth,

also known as the augmented 5th, is the interval or ratio found between numbers on the Fibonacci Sequence, also known as the Phi ratio. This ratio is found throughout Nature in the form of the Sacred Spiral representing the growth pattern of all Life on Earth and also the DNA helix. Read the article: Tuning Forks and Harmonics for Health.


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