Tuning Forks

Tuning ForksTuning forks create a bridge between Sound and structure. They are material or physical in nature, yet vibrate strongly enough to transmit that vibration. They also vibrate, as does the human body, according to specific harmonic proportions which reflect the geometry of their structure. The phenomenon of sympathetic resonance is reinforced by their use on or around the body. From atom to molecule, to cells and DNA, the body is constructed from geometric shapes that fit together to form the whole. The tuning forks, by closely matching some of the most vital of these natural ratios, is able to “entrain” the body’s vibration and return it to its “optimum”, healthy vibration. They are wonderful, useful tools for use in Soundhealing
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Chakra Tuners (7 forks) Chakra Tuners (7 forks) weighted€285,00
Planetary Tuners (11 forks) Planetary Tuners (11 forks) unweighted€350,00
Planetary Tuners (11 forks)Planetary Tuners (11 forks) weighted€495,00
Set of Sharps (5 forks) Set of Sharps (5 forks) unweighted€165,00
Set of Sharps (5 forks)Set of Sharps (5 forks) weighted€180,00
n/aSolar Harmonic Spectrum (8 forks)€215,00
n/aSolar Harmonic Spectrum (8 forks) weighted€285,00
n/a“Whole Body” Tuners: C 256Hz/G 384Hz and E 320Hz €105,00
Rubber Activator for striking the forksRubber Activator€20,00
Wooden MalletSingle mallets (wood or rubber)€10,00