Chakra Tuners (7 forks) weighted

Chakra Tuners (7 forks)

Chakra Set of Forks Based on Planetary Frequencies



Frequency in Hz and musical note



Root 194.18  G Earth Day (24hrs) Grounding, connect to Earth, stimulating, envigorating
Sacral 210.42  G#

Synodic month (from full moon to full moon, or new moon to new moon) 29,53 days 

Centre of “clear feelings”, sexuality, creativity; endocrine and lymphatic systems
Solar  Plexus 126.22  C Sun Tone

Free Will, emotions of the ego, the Little “I Am”, sense of individuality, will, point of yin-yang balance and all bio-systems

Heart 136.10 (OM) C#

Solar Earth Year 365,25 days

Unconditional Love, compassion, deep relaxation, sedation.
Throat 141.27  C# Solar Year of Mercury Communication, speech and listening, voice and ears
Third Eye 221.23  A Solar Year of Venus Intuition, Divine love, inner harmony, enlightenment, telepathy.


172.06  F

Platonic Year/Mayan Great Cycle (25,920 years)

Portal to the Cosmos and Spirit. Clarity of Spirit, Cosmic union. Uplifting.

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