The Harmonic Octave (2000) (Double CD) Currently Unavailable Pending Re-print

The Harmonic Octave (2000) (Double CD)

This recording was specially designed as a tool for healing, balancing, relaxation and regeneration. Each track is specifically recorded to resonate with the chakras, aura and physical body. 10 to 11 minutes of music with acoustic instruments and Overtone Singing tuned to each of the notes of the Chromatic Scale: 10 mins in C, 10mins in C-sharp, 10 mins in D and so on. The 13th Track is a 21 minute Sound Journey meditation with Singing Bowls, monochord and other acoustic instruments. intotal 2 and a half hours on 2 CDs. This is our best-selling CD worldwide for healing!

Price: €25,00