Overtone Chant - The Practical Guide BOOK: CD DOWNLOAD - PDF + MP3

Overtone Guide PDF+MP3

THIS DOWNLOAD includes the text of the book in 6 languages, in 6 separate PDF files. English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch and Swedish. Coming soon: Russian, Japanese, Chinese...

Nestor Kornblum’s Overtone Chant – the Practical Guide, is a simple, efficient and extremely practical course in the basics of Overtone singing (Vocal Harmonics). The CD included in this book has clear, precise exercises, presented in a “sing along with me” format. There are also musical and meditative examples of Overtone chant performed by Nestor.  The text, in six languages, is clear and concise, and will enable a dedicated beginner to reach a high level of overtone singing.

Overtone chant is highly recommended as a healing and meditational tool, for relieving stress, accelerating personal growth, and as a complement to all the healing arts. 


"Vocal harmonics are extraordinary--they can open our ears, our minds and our hearts to a fuller spectrum of sound than we've ever experienced.  They have great benefit as both therapeutic and transformational sounds. Nestor Kornblum is an excellent singer of vocal harmonics and a fine teacher of them as well! "

                                         Jonathan Goldman,
                                         HEALING SOUNDS, author
                                         Sound Healers Association, director

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