Overtone Series/Harmonic Scale. Fundamental pitch of “Om” 136.10 Hz (16 forks)

Overtone Series Tuners

First 3 weighted, 13 unweighted  

This set of forks, developed exclusively by Nestor Kornblum for HarmonicSounds, consists of the Fundamental pitch of OM 136,10 and its first 15 Overtones, based on the arithmetic calculations of the Harmonic Series. These are the overtones which would be audible if one were to sing the note OM (roughly C#) and then apply the techniques of Overtone Singing. as few people can master the Overtone Scale b through singing, this set of forks serves as both a tool for those who wish to learn to sing the Overtone Series, and more importantly serve as a fantastic

Healing Tool for applying the absolutely Natural Harmonic proportions to the Physical and Subtle bodies

Price: €425,00