Concert Monochord 3-in-1with Tampura and Koto

Monochord 46GK Concert Kotamo
Monochord Concert ModelMonochord Side view

WOOD: Cherry and Ash                 Size: 134 x 30 x 10 cm
The NEW Concert Monochord from Feeltone is a much improved version, with excellent Sound, increased volume, and clarity of Overtones. The Tampura is excellent, with an improved bridge and extra space between strings like an original gourd-tampura. The Koto has been reduced from 13 to 11 strings, to give the Tampura more space.
There is a "Tuning Bead" on every string, for Fine Tuning. Just a tiny movement of the pearl can adjust the tuning without need of the Tuning Key.
We recommend this monochord as the best monochord in its price range. 

Price: €1.299,00